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We take this opportunity to say Hail and Farewell to the families moving in and out of Pickett Downs.

It is always a pleasure to meet new folks that enjoy the unique life style our community affords. On the other hand, we will miss our friends that have moved on, and extend best wishes to all.

We say "Welcome Home" to Ali Moumnine on Pickett Downs Drive, Rafael and Melissa Smith on Warner Drive, Sean and Maria Luck on Saboff Way, Kimberly and Mike McCrary on Van Herke, Gina B. Justis on Saboff, Geneviene Smith on Pickett Downs Drive, Donald and Diane Lydiksen on Hibbard Trail, Kyle and Lindsey Smallwood on Van Hercke. 

Hope to see all of you at the meetings, at the lake and around the neighborhood!

Goodbye and good luck to David and Karen Wade, Eddy Lahens, Greg Brown, Terry and Linda Campbell, Tom and Agnes Linton, Tom and Cindy Burns, the Mings and Robert and Marilyn Tone.

Please ensure we have your current contact information and send any notices to the board.

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