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ACC Committee Chair
: Mike Fullana

Our aim is to provide you with the latest information as it becomes available on the Roads and Drainage Restoration Project currently underway in our community, Phase ll & lll.

Dear Neighbors
We finally have new roads! After so many years it's done - but our excavator is not finished. He has some concrete repair on one culvert, some tweaking of a swale, rolling and the installation of the concrete ribbon.

Last year, the excavator said he would be glad to do other work such as ribbon installation for other homeowners. Sadly, he has changed his mind. The cost in concrete has increased and he has said he is losing money on the job. Good for us but bad for him. He does not want to do any more work other than what was contracted.

In the upcoming days, weeks and months you will see some areas on the sides of the road that will break apart. Remember we did not widen our roads. The Paver is wider than the road so they did pave over dirt or grass in some areas. As this happens please remove the excess and throw it away. You will be able to do it by hand. Otherwise just leave it and it will work itself away.
Scott Fuller

Dear Neighbors
It's been a hard couple of months with the excavating in the neighborhood. Your help and patience during this process has been greatly appreciated. We are getting closer to the end. Excavating and grading should be done this week.

Seminole Paving will arrive in the neighborhood April 1st. Paving should only take two to three days. Once the paving is completed CDR will return to the neighborhood to install the concrete ribbon.

Recently our excavator had stored pallets of sod in the neighborhood to be used for the project. Four pallets of sod have been stolen. We have all paid for that sod. Someone has stolen from all of us. If anyone has seen suspicious activity concerning the sod please notify a Board Member.

April should be a busy month. The paving project will be completed and we can show off our nice new roads with a yard sale.
Scott Fuller

Dear Neighbors
Our road and Drainage work is on schedule. As previously discussed, scheduling of phase two of the project was to begin in January. The excavator has arrived back in our neighborhood and is beginning his work. Excavating should take about two weeks. Shortly after the completion of the drainage work the roads will be paved.

During this process it will be necessary to close certain intersections on Picket Downs Drive, starting at Warner to Ft Christmas, so that CDR can replace the failing metal pipes. To minimize the impact on homeowners this process should go quickly but please be vigilant when driving through the neighborhood. It may be necessary to exit via Saboff Way.

New Pipes and drainage work will be conducted at the intersection of Pickett Downs and Van Hercke, Pickett Downs and Warner, Van Hercke between lot 128 and 127, Pickett Downs between lot 85 and 86, between lot 92 and 91, between lot 89 and 153, and Warner between lot 129 and 130. Excavating will also be done between lot 169 and lot 168, and new swales will be excavated on lot 158 and 159. Pickett Downs.

The excavator will work at his pace and close the roads as needed. That being said we will try to post the closings on our informational signs. I have asked him for a schedule of road closings.

At the completion of the paving touch up repairs will be made on Saboff Way and concrete ribbons will be installed at the intersections.

We are not milling. Milling would takes off about ¼ inch of asphalt. This process would help level the road and keep the little dips and waves from forming. The engineer and the pavers both agreed that milling would remove all of our current road asphalt, which would result in only the base remaining. This would most likely open up other costly problems. Milling would also add about $1,500 to each homeowner’s assessment. After this project is completed we will have a great foundation to build upon. The experts all agree we should plan on paving every 10-12 years. Milling should be done at that time. A small increase in our yearly dues would provide the funds necessary to provide for future road maintenance.

Our Homeowner meeting is fast approaching. Your Board appreciates the support and Mark and I look forward to seeing this project completed. Your vote is very important so please try to attend or hand in your proxies.

Sincerely, Scott Fuller / President Pickett Downs 2 & 3

We’ve made great progress this year on repairs to our roads and drainage that’s been long overdue. Thank you to all of you who have helped us get there, including our volunteers who helped patch our roads to keep them as safe as possible while we complete the repairs. A special thanks to those who have already paid the roads and drainage assessment in full.

We’re nearing the point where we may be able to begin the final phase of drainage repairs. For those who have yet to pay in full, remember full payment is due by the end of this month. Promptly paying will allow us to us to quickly finish this project we all would like to see completed.

Anyone wishing to have curb installed, driveway or other work done can contact CDR, our contractor, directly at: 352 516 0555

Phase 1 of our road repair project is complete. Some details:

• Overall the entire project cost (both phases) is within $2000 of our projected cost, which is readily covered by the reserve we have built into the plan. The extra cost is from work we authorized to remove trees which were deemed to threaten the integrity of the road in the future, and to add an extra pipe for drainage on Saboff. This request came from a homeowner and it made sense to add the work.

• The drainage contractor has asked to be paid ½ his mobilization cost in phase 1 which he didn’t include in his original phase 1 plan to us (it was all in phase 2, not split between the phases). He has incurred the cost, and we plan to pay it, which increases phase 1 cost slightly, and decreases phase 2 the equivalent amount. Overall, no net change to the project.

• Some of the cement ribbons have cracked and need to be re-worked. We want to see how well they hold up over the next few months and have the re-work done when the contractor comes out early next year for phase 2.

• The drainage system is performing as planned. Recent rains have been draining quickly into the drainage swales. The contractor did have to perform a small amount of re-work items, including some driveway work , ripprapp re-work at the Hibbard Trail intersection, and a handful of other items, but overall we are extremely pleased at how phase one worked out.

• To hear for yourself what is being discussed as we proceed, please feel free to attend our Board meetings. Anyone interested in detailed info is welcome to attend. Its the best way to get accurate information.

Some help we need from everyone to keep the roads in good condition:

• Don’t drive on the edges of the roads or cut corners
• Adjust sprinklers to keep the water off the roads
• Pay your assessments as early as you can to give us planning figures and liquidity as we approach Phase 2.

Thank you for your patience and support while we work through this long overdue, critical project for our neighborhood. Also thanks to those who have written notes supporting and encouraging your board for making this happen. We will hold an update and overview of phase 2 plans late this year.

Project Summary - Link to PDF file with project summary 5/18/2013

Attention - Special Meeting 5/21/13 - click link

Road Meeting: April 23rd, 7:00 PM at the Chuluota VFW.
Click here to get PowerPoint from meeting.

       Culvert Clearing Notice - 11/7/10 - *Please Read*
Total Enviro Services will be cleaning all under driveway culverts beginning on Tuesday, November 9. The work will consist of clearing approximately 2 feet in each end of the driveway culvert and vacuuming out any debris and silt in the culvert. In addition, they will be cleaning out the 13 under road culverts that lead to and from the retention and detention ponds.

Once completed, the condition of the culverts will be evaluated and surveyed for their condition. This information will be used along with the survey info already gathered to develop the scope of work and engineers estimate of costs to restore our drainage system in preparation for eventual road relating.

Thanks to all for your patience and understanding as we move forward with this project.

       Swale Clearing Notice - *Please Read*
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    Correspondence from HOA's attorney - 10/7/09 - Click Here 

Updates - Information as the work progresses

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