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Re: Storm Water Drainage System Maintenance

October 1, 2009

Dear Homeowner, This letter is being sent to notify you that the Architectural Control Committee’s (ACC) will be contracting maintenance work to restore the storm water drainage system to the original design specification. This work will include:

1. The roadside swales on all lots.
2. The side yard swales on lots leading into and out of the large pond.
3. The side yard swales between lots along Pickett Downs Drive and Hibbard Trail leading into the retention areas to the west.
4. The swales located at the back of lots 86 through 89, 153 through 157, 169 and 170 through 178.

The drainage system depends on under driveway pipes and piping under the roads in various places. These pipes will be inspected to ensure they conform to the specifications and work may be done to restore any found to be deficient.

The pipe work may include the following:
1. Clean out obstructed under driveway pipes
2. Replace rusted out or crushed pipes.
3. Install pipes for driveways without pipes

The work is being performed under the authority of the Pickett Downs Homeowners Association (ACC) and at the insistence of the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) to the make all swales compliant with the approved drainage specification for our subdivision on file with Seminole County. A SJRWMD engineer surveyed our subdivision and determined that we must restore the swales system or face a stiff fine.

The ACC has issued a Statement of Work (SOW) to interested bidders and will be obtaining quotes to perform the work. The contractor will provide a quote for the work on a lot by lot basis. Once we know what each homeowner’s cost will be, the ACC will send out a pro-rata assessment letter to each homeowner as per the Covenants & Restrictions. Each homeowner is responsible to remit their assessed amount in regular payments during the contract period.

The contractor will remove all obstructions (sidewalks, fences, shrubs, posts, underground sprinklers, etc) from their drainage easement areas as described above. These drainage easement areas include the roadside easements (35 feet out from the center of the road) and the side yard easements (10 feet from the side and rear yard lot lines).

We expect to award the contract by Nov 1, 2009 with the work starting shortly afterward. Non-payment of this drainage assessment will be enforced using the same process the Association follows for delinquent Annual Dues.

Visit the Associations Website to obtain information as it becomes available. If you have any questions, please contact any ACC Member: Rick Ferrell, Mark King, Dave Fecko or Maria Harmel or visit MyPickettDowns.com to submit your questions to the ACC. All responses will be posted on the website.

Richard Ferrell
Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Chairman
1978 Warner Drive, 407-925-2173